August 4th: Prepared Samples for Water Extractions

Today I prepared samples for water extractions.

I prepared samples of an unpyrolized manure (the poultry) and a biochar of the same manure (poultry w/ sawdust 500C).

I prepared 3 50mL tubes of each, which each contained approximately 1 g. of the sample, which had been motored down to very fine pieces, and then DI water to the 20 mL marking. I made a table of the weight of each sample as well, because I could not get it to be exactly 1 g. each time (this can be seen below in table 1). Another thing to note was that for the poultry samples, it was extremely difficult to motor down the sample into tinier grains, this could potentially have effects on the water extractions.

Once I had created the 3 samples of each (6 total), I placed the tubes in the rotisserie. NOTE: the rotisserie temperature was 20C

I put the samples in the rotisserie at 3pm and am planning to take them out tomorrow at 3pm with Professor Sills to begin the water extractions.


Table 1: